Welcome at Samoëns

At Samoëns (pronounced “Samoin”), the charm operates as soon as you arrive. Here, everything breathes authenticity, its famous “Gros Tilleul” (“big linden”) stands at the top of its 580th anniversary and its carved stone houses remind you that the village is classified as a Historic Monument. It is in the heart of this exceptional heritage that you will enjoy wandering, why not in a horse-drawn carriage on the occasion of the first snowflakes, in search of a good meal or local products, far from the hectic nightlife.

Nevertheless, Samoëns is active in both summer and winter to offer you a wide range of activities and entertainment. From laser tags to airboats and all kinds of sliding disciplines, bulimics of nature and the outdoors will love it!

A village resort, Samoëns offers all the equipments, shops, rentals, craftsmen, shuttle services… that you may need to enhance your stay.