Living spaces

Enjoy each moment of sharing

t is around the big table, in the middle, where the laughter mixed with the flavours of Savoyard specialities that the stories are tie up, before becoming wonderful memories. The arts of the table, chosen with taste will allow you to create a warm and festive atmosphere, all in elegance. The kitchen, functional, ultra modern and equipped with all those little details that we appreciate so much, will be your best friend. We also like to meet at night, coiled around the fireplace. Undoubtedly, the most cosy corner where you can be bewitched by the ballet of flames that give a spectacle in their glass case. To accompany these rare moments, you will choose the musical tone you prefer and that you can modulate as you wish in all the main rooms.

  • 70 m2 with kitchen fully equipped
  • Fireplace in glass (exclusive model)
  • Exterior terrace: table 12 ppl